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Dynamic and innovative; yet dependable and well-established – BSG brings you world-class IT and business technology systems, with hands-on, local support from friendly faces. Steeped in history, we’re Gibraltar’s first, oldest and industry-leading IT company.

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BSG offers robust technology infrastructure solutions and IT support to keep your business connected, running smoothly and ready for growth. Adopted as the remote IT support team for many of our clients, we take the stress out of technology, and allow you and your team to focus on what you do best.

A family business established in 1979, Business Services Gibraltar (BSG) is the first and oldest IT company in Gibraltar, and trusted technology advisors to hundreds of Gibraltar-based businesses, from corporate offices, retail stores, leisure facilities and hospitality venues, to international banks, government departments, military facilities, international gaming corporations and more. Pushing technological boundaries and delivering robust, world-class solutions with hands-on, local support has kept us on the leading edge of business technology in Gibraltar for over 40 years.

Operating exclusively as the Gibraltar branch of market leading technology brands such as Dell, NCR, Worldpay, Ingenico, UTP, Unisys, Orange, BT and Getronics, your team will have a local, single point of contact for certified experts in services from corporate email, file sharing, Wi-Fi and networking, to CCTV, point of sale, business phone systems and more. Our dynamic, multidisciplinary team keep abreast of the latest advancements in business technology so you don’t have to.

We’ve come a long way over the past 4 decades, but we had humble beginings. It all started at the dawn of the decimal system, with an office notice board, 1 man and an adventure. Read our story to learn how it all began.




It started at the dawn of the decimal system, with an office notice board, 1 man and an adventure…

It was 1969 when Mike Edinburgh, Founder of BSG, was working for NCR (The National Cash Register Company back in those days) as a technician in their London office. Attracted to the job by curiosity of the unknown and with a love of working with his hands, Mike was on the leading edge of technology back when only large corporations and governments had access to computers, punch tape records were still used for inputting data and floppy disks wouldn’t be invented for another 2 years!

An adventurer at heart, Mike had visited Gibraltar a few times before while on his road trips around Europe, so when a notice card was pinned up looking for volunteers to support NCR’s banking clients in Gibraltar moving to the “new” decimal system of money (away from 12 pence per shilling and 20 shillings per pound), he jumped at the chance to set off on a new voyage.

It was in the summer of ’69 that Mike brought the first ever computer to Gibraltar, and with it, the very beginnings of what would become Gibraltar’s digital revolution.

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After 10 years, and with the improvement of transport links, NCR decided to close the Gibraltar satellite office, but Mike wasn’t ready to leave. He’d brought the first windsurf board to our shores, competed in local sailing tournaments and made his home here. Mike had a tough decision to make. Should he go and keep his job in London, or stay, and take a risk? In his mind, it wasn’t much of a choice. He negotiated, pulled together his savings and bought NCR’s local assets, incorporating Business Services Gibraltar Limited in February 1979.

With a mission to help Gibraltarian businesses take advantage of new technologies and advise on how these could revolutionise the way people work, Mike started. And he hasn’t stopped since.

Fast-forward over 40 years, word processing was invented (1979), the internet was born (1985), Google launched (1996), the world survived Y2K (2000), technology became widely adopted and we’ve entered a new era.

The industry’s evolved rapidly and Mike’s had plenty of help along the way to keep up, with his wife Dawn joining the team in 1982 to manage the office, our Operations Manager Albert Pizzarello joining in 1986, Mike and Dawn’s son Paul coming on board in 2004.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Paul now acts as Managing Director. Brining a new, vibrant energy to BSG, he’s taken the team from strength to strength and continues the legacy of innovation – supporting clients’ business growth with the latest solutions from around the world. But, no matter how the industry’s changed, technology’s evolved and the business has developed, Mike’s original mission has stood the test of time.

BSG was founded to help Gibraltar-based businesses improve the way they work, be better for their customers and futureproof their operations with robust, world-class IT and business technology solutions. This what we continue to do to this day, and what we will continue to do for many more years to come.

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